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Dr Nazeer H Khan

A leading, highly educated physician, specialized in primary care and healthcare administration

About Dr Nazeer Khan

With a solid family history in Medicine, Nazeer Haider Khan, MD, “Dr. Naz”, although wanting to become an Aerospace Engineer but decide to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a leader in medicine for which he has made extraordinary contribution for the over 20 years.

Dr. Nazeer Khan’s choice to move from the professional aspect of medicine to management medication was a pivotal move. He was always concerned with providing the finest of treatment and also had the vision to provide the very best solutions to his clients.

Today, Dr. Nazeer holds roughly two decades of experience in healthcare administration and he is working selflessly to “return to the community”. In one of his interviews, he states, “All of us owe to the community in one way or the other. In my case, I saw a lot of people suffering over my years of experience as a doctor, and also since a doctor attempts to reduce an individual’s suffering, I’m treating society as one of my people as well as attempting to minimize its suffering overall. One of the features that we gained from my father was to constantly give back to your area as well as the less fortunate. Some instances of projects our family members are working with is: ability provide a cost-free medical clinic for those much less fortunate in India, eye surgery initiatives for the much less privileged in India, establishing a community center focused on providing education and learning, health care, and also food to the less fortunate in my family’s hometown and in the U.S.A. serving the Tampa Florida community Together, with myself personally taking part in numerous regional area offering initiatives. Presently, my various other Partners and also I am concentrating on structure and handling loads of Medical care centers concentrated exclusively on the treatment of the senior in the USA.”

Who is Dr Nazeer Khan?

A brief overview of Dr Nazeer Haider Khan’s career and accomplishments.

Who is Dr_Nazeer Haider Khan MD
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Dr Nazeer Khan MD Spearheads House Call TeleMed

Dr Nazeer Khan serves as an executive team at House Call TeleMed.

Dr Nazeer Khan MD-House Call Telemed Founder
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Three Types of Internal Medicine

A listing on the three types of internal medicine.

Dr Nazeer Khan of Tampa FL - Types of Internal Medicine
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Dr Nazeer Khan Executive team Member of QHPNY
General Health

Dr Nazeer Khan (QHP) – How Often Do You Need Regular Check-ups to Prevent Health Issues and Diseases

Dr Nazeer Haider Kha, an executive team member of Quality Health Plans of New York(QHPPNY) and QHP Financial, explains the need of frequent health check ups to promote the prevention of diseases.

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